Where in the World is Myspace Tom?

Tom Anderson, AKA Myspace Tom, founded Myspace in 2003. He stayed there and let it grow for the next couple of years, but where did he go after selling Myspace to NewsCorp for $580 million? Well, the answer to that is everywhere. But if you gained over a half a billion dollars wouldn’t you do the same? If you take a peek at his Instagram it’s just a glimpse of what he’s been up to lately, which includes being in Oahu, Hawaii earlier this year, and being in places like Singapore, the Philippines, China, and Cambodia in the latter couple of months last year. In addition to travelling the world, he has been taking up photography and posts pictures of all of the locations he’s been visiting on his Instagram account (@myspacetom.)

Not only is he showing everybody where he’s been, but he also has given away numerous trips to places like Hawaii and Iceland to his followers. He stated in his bio that he is on a new mission to help people. While we can’t give you a free trip to Hawaii, we can make your life easier by helping you with your social media account management.