There’s Many Waze To Advertise

Little forewarning here, this post may or may not be full of puns…anyways you’ll have to read to find out. So what is Waze? Waze is like Google Maps but heavily emphasized on traffic conditions and has a very large community. Members of Waze help keep you informed, whether it be a speed trap, accident, construction, or roadside hazard. These issues then can be up/down voted on if said issue is still occurring.

I’ve used this app plenty of times for road trips or simple morning/afternoon commutes and it really is spot on. “Road side hazard in 0.5mi,” and then I see a car pulled over on the shoulder, 👍🏼 vote. So how can this app get even better for your business? WAZE ADVERTISING. The picture below shows some various ads placed by businesses.

What’s the point of this? Well, this feature can help DRIVE TRAFFIC to your business or possibly end up in a few searches to see what your company is all about. This is really assisting marketers in engagement because consumers can access their business with a tap of a button.

Waze also has four options for formatting ads to more specifically target audiences: branded pins (digital billboard), zero-speed takeover (stopping point ad), nearby arrow (business pops up when close), and promoted search (business appears at top of search results). So, with those four options in mind, there are many Waze to drive traffic to your business. Go download Waze and drive safe! And as always, contact us for your marketing and event needs.