The Evolution of Snapchat

What started simply as a “picture chat” app, has evolved into an absolute powerhouse when it comes to advertising and daily app usage, this is Snapchat. I’ll try to keep it brief, Spark Notes style. Evolving from the little boxes, to eventually adding lenses, filters, snap ads, in app map system with locations of friends, subscriptions to “influencers” and companies daily/weekly stories, Spectacles, Bitmoji integration, and many more things. Also, Snap Inc. ($SNAP) filed for IPO and currently sits around the low $13.00s with a market cap of 16.17B. Nice.

(I do miss the early adoption days of where you get to open a little box and see best friends, not.)

Some data compliments of Snapchat’s website. And they’re insane. But with those numbers in mind you have to believe it would be a viable tool for advertising use. Of course you can get more in depth with the ages and location to really hit that target market.

So seeing some of the numbers makes you think about advertising through Snapchat. Well what ways can you do that? Discover (tab where you can see trending topics and stories), Sponsored Lenses (can change your voice or appearance, toss a logo on it), Nationwide Lenses, Snap Ads (pop up in between discover stories), Snap Codes (QR codes to unlock “stuff”), Local Geofilters (great for events or a brick and mortar location that’ll it show up near).

I remember when I was sitting in my Ads & Promotions class junior year at SMUMN and we talked about how Snapchat can sustain as an app, well…they sure figured it out. Snapchat truly has evolved, as an app and as the entity Snap Inc. Here’s to the continued evolution and remember to let us help you advertise on Snapchat!