The Art of Remarketing

Did you just visit the Nike website (or another site you planned on shopping at), look at a few products, maybe add them to the cart, and then decided not to go through with your purchase? Did you then later see banner ads (or other ads) about said Nikes, or even receive and email about the items you added to your cart? Maybe there was an offer to complete your purchase for a discount or a discounted next purchase. Boom, REMARKETING/RETARGETING.

When you think of it with the aforementioned examples, it makes plenty of sense. You were sooo close to getting a customer to purchase your product. So close that it’s worth marketing it to them again or retargeting them through technology. Maybe they have to do some more research first, so it makes sense to use a remarketing campaign on them. Get that potential customer back to your site, and go through with their initial purchasing process.

Let us help you with your remarketing, and get your potential customers to become your valued customers!