Tasteful Noods

Kraft pulled a campaign they released earlier this month called “Send Noods.” They took down all of their ads, the promotional website, and their social media posts with this phrase that were posted from Oct. 6 through Oct. 11. It was originally released on Oct. 6 for National Noodle Day. They encouraged people to go to the website, enjoynoods.com, and send their friends and family a free box of Kraft mac and cheese. Over 20,000 people across the country participated in this.

The original commercial starts with, “In these strange times, people are in need of extra comfort. That’s why it’s always a nice gesture to send noods, so they know you’re thinking of them.” She then lifts up a box of Kraft mac and cheese and says, “Noods, I mean, not nudes.”

Although some people thought this was funny and a great tagline, others said that this was wildly inappropriate since Kraft is a family brand. Some people even threatened to take their business to Annie’s mac and cheese. One of my favorite responses was made by a Twitter user and it said, “can’t wait to see who gets overly angry at this for no reason because they have nothing better to do.”

 In the original press release, the brand manager said, “We want to give fans the opportunity to send and share the cheesiest noods with their friends and family.” However, after all of the backlash, Kraft posted an apology on their Instagram story that said, “We sincerely appreciate and hear all of your feedback. This content will be removed from our channels.”