Take a Seat

That VR (virtual reality) is so hot right now! Being a company that plans events, or any event planners should be pretty pleased with AllSeated launching a VR tool. Why?! Take a peek AllSeated VR Preview

So essentially with the VR tool you can experience a virtual walkthrough of what your venue could possibly look like per your request. “Over 100 venues are enabled for the new VR platform, AllSeated says, and projects having more than 1,000 venues in their VR library by 2019.” HUGE! The whole close your eyes and picture what this space would look like is very much possible through the power of VR and with your eyes open.

This project still has ways to go given the addition of venues and certain types of furniture and designs. But to even catch a glimpse of what your dream event space will look like is a true eye opener. So take a seat and experience the venue with AllSeated VR.