Picture This

Although a story with photos and little to no text might sound like a children’s storybook, it is also an example of one of the most popular social media platforms today: Instagram. You might think Instagram is just a fun place to post selfies or the food you’ve had recently. In reality, Instagram is used by many businesses and companies to promote their goods and services. Pictures aren’t just about the subject matter in the photo, they are also about placement, lighting, and filters.

Starting with placement, a popular rule in the photography world is the rule of thirds. When using the rule of thirds, the main focus of the picture should be at the one-third point of the picture. By doing so, that will not only draw your audience’s eyes to the focal point, but also their attention. Not only does it make the object stand out more, but it can also cause their mind to wander places where it wouldn’t have otherwise. As you can see, not only does the tomato in that photo pop, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Next, is lighting. Lighting doesn’t only change how a picture physically looks, but it can also change the mood of a photo. To get the most out of natural lighting, the best time to shoot would be an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset, also known as the golden hour. A brighter photo can look friendlier and show viewers a look into a brighter future. A darker photo can become more dramatic and tell more of a story. As you can see, both of the pictures show city streets, but the darker photo looks more mysterious, while the brighter one looks more welcoming.

Finally, something Instagram is famous for, is filters. Filters like lighting can also change the mood of a photo. As talked about in a previous blog post, trends are constantly changing. The ways users edit their photos have also changed. Instead of using preset Instagram filters, users have now turned to other apps to edit their photos before posting, like VSCO, Facetune, and Snapseed. With what seems like an endless amount of filters to choose from, there is a filter to set the right mood of your photo, no matter what it is.



With all of that information in mind, you now know how to make the most of your next Instagram photo.