Pavlovian Marketing

Ring, ring. Are you salivating for some food? Or did that fly over your head? That’s a picture of Ivan Pavlov who is responsible for the old, bell rings and dog salivates because it associates the sound of the bell with food, Pavlov’s Theory. Well this theory was taken and applied to marketing; Pavlovian Marketing.

Pretty relevant image with the holiday season upcoming, but companies do utilize Pavlovian marketing to really rope you in as a consumer. So in this example, Coca-Cola is associating their product with Christmas which is a happy time for most, but as they advertise their product of Santa drinking a coke, they want you to associate Coca-Cola with Christmas because of those feelings. Once the conditioning of that develops you will start to associate Coca-Cola with happiness and next thing you know you want to drink a coke to achieve said happiness. Pavlovian theory/marketing is very much alive, whether we notice it or not. So ring ring *salivates intensely.*