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Alright Frankie, you may think it would be boring to watch someone eat pizza, struggle to pronounce pizzerias’ names, and rate their pizza from 1-10, but around 400,000+ people would disagree. Dave Portnoy, the president of Barstool Sports has been eating and reviewing pizza every day since 2016. His famous catchphrase, which he rarely – if ever – follows, is “One bite, everybody knows the rules.” It’s crazy to think that so many people would care about this, but his funny commentary and butchering of names always keeps people coming back for more.

He’s not just a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, but also the founder of Barstool Sports which has over 5.2 million followers on Instagram. Through the growth of his channel, he has also gotten some pretty cool special guests reviewing with him, like Guy Fieri, the cast of the movie Tag, the cast of Jersey Shore, and John Cena, even though we couldn’t see him, and my personal favorite: Hoodie Allen. You might be wondering how this all started, and how he makes a living. Well, it all started one day when he and a co-worker (shout out to Big Cat) were talking about one food they’d eat for the rest of their lives, he chose pizza while Big Cat chose tacos, and that’s all they ate for a while. However, Dave wanted to continue, and people enjoyed watching this. In addition to doing pizza reviews, the Barstool Instagram pages post mostly comedy videos, they host radio shows, have podcasts, and sell merch, most famously containing their popular saying, “Saturdays are for the Boys.”

If you went back in time and told people that this is a career nowadays, they’d think you were insane and be beyond confused about it all. Interestingly enough, after everything he’s done, Dave’s net worth is currently around $10 million (Barstool being valued at over $100 million). So find something you really want to do and build it, “brick by brick.”

Social media has really changed how things are, and has created a multitude of different careers and internships, including mine here at Ciconte Consulting.


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