One Bite pt.2

(Via One Bite App)

This is a follow up post from One Bite pt. 1. That man Dave Portnoy did it again. Here’s a link to the recent interview with Erika Nardini (CEO of Barstool) and Dave Portnoy (Founder & pizza connoisseur) featured on Mad Money with Jim Cramer Mad Money – One Bite. “Since launch, the One Bite app has been downloaded more than 175,000 times on iOS devices (an Android beta version launched Sept. 13), with users posting more than 14,000 reviews, according to Barstool Sports. Users have also placed more than 10,000 delivery orders from the app, the company said.” Those numbers are insane and will continue to grow. Go download the iOS version or check out the beta on Android, and get reviewing pizza! I’ve done a few reviews and it’s fun, user friendly, and you get to eat pizza. #BrickByBrick