Marketing With a Cause

Cause? Marketing? Cause marketing? What’s that? It’s the marketing of a for-profit product/business which benefits a nonprofit charity or supports a social cause. When you think about it, you’ve probably seen this type of marketing plenty of times throughout your time as a consumer.

Some of the brands above have launched some very successful cause marketing campaigns in the past, and this forged better relationships with their consumers. Although there’s a good amount of companies utilizing cause marketing, two that stand out to me are TOMS and Leesa (mattresses).

TOMS started out with the one for one model, buy a pair and they donate a pair to a child in need. They’ve greatly expanded since then, check out all they do TOMS gives.

Leesa, on the other hand, donates one mattress for every 10 mattresses they sell AND plant one tree for every mattress they sell. More about Leesa’s efforts Leesa gives. Before typing this up I didn’t even know TOMS and Leesa are both certified B Corporations, very cool (per Leesa’s site).

Cause marketing is great for businesses, consumers, and the cause it goes towards. It makes your business look good and makes consumers feel better about their purchase because by buying your product/service they’re assisting with a charitable cause. So bolster your business by giving back to the community and building a positive brand image, it goes a long way.