I’ve Guac you Covered

From the wise words of Dj Khaled, “Anotha one.” You might be wondering another what? Another event flop. This time, it was brought to you by the widely beloved Chipotle. Tuesday, July 31, was National Avocado Day, so naturally, Chipotle decided to give away free guacamole (which is regularly a whopping $2.05 in the Chicagoland area.) The only catch was that you had to order online or via their app, and use the code “AVOCADO” at checkout. Apparently they weren’t ready for how many people would take advantage of this $2 off discount, because when I was ready to order lunch on Tuesday, the app was down, as was their website. After refreshing a couple of times and then Googling it, the app and website were down for everybody. After calling, our local Chipotle promised to honor the deal if you showed a screenshot of the app being down at checkout.

After finally getting to the checkout, the employees handed us a bag of chips and container of guacamole, and looked confused when we said that’s not what we wanted. The deal originally stated, “Free guac on your entree OR a free side of guac OR a regular order of chips and guac with an entree.” After explaining that, the cashier charged us for regular bowls instead of the extra $2.05 and free chips. Although the employees should have known exactly what the deal was, they cooperated and were very nice.

Besides the aforementioned issue, there was another one, and knowing Chipotle and their track record it’s not that surprising: a foodborne illness outbreak. The wide range of 200-500 people in Ohio reported getting sick after eating at that Chipotle location. They are being interviewed and tested by the health department.

To deal with the app crashing, Chipotle extended the deal. On August 1, Chipotle announced, “Guac is still not extra” and gave away free guac with mobile orders for an extra day. Guac might not have been extra, but their damage control was.