I’ve Got The Golden Ticket

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's golden ticket is up for auction | Films | Entertainment | Express.co.uk

David Klein, the founder of Jelly Belly, is getting ready to retire, and like Willy Wonka, he wants to give away a candy factory. However, it won’t be as cheap as a chocolate bar to find.

To participate in the hunt, you have to pay $49.98 for a riddle and specify what state you will be participating in. Every state has a limit of 1000 participants and some states have already sold out, including Illinois, California, and Florida. “The golden ticket” will be in the form of a necklace that has a code on a tag that needs to be verified. Winners of this will receive $5000. Klein said he wanted to have this competition to have fun and to bring excitement into a world that is so troubled.

All participants will be eligible to join The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, for one of Klein’s candy factories. The ultimate winner will receive the key to the candy factory, an all-expenses paid trip to a candy-making course at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Klein will also become the winner’s mentor and said he will be available to them 24/7.

Sadly, the factory that is being given away will not be the official Jelly Belly Candy Company. In a statement, Klein said “Due to confusion in the marketplace, Jelly Belly Candy Company would like to take this opportunity to clear up the misconception that it is involved with a contest that purportedly offers a candy factory as its grand prize, Jelly Belly Candy Company, formerly known as Herman Goelitz Candy Company, has candy making roots back to 1869. It was founded by brothers Gustav and Albert Goelitz and remains family owned and operated today.” The factory that is up for grabs is Klein’s Candyman Kitchens in Florida.