Hoot Hoot

(Via Hootsuite)

What in the world is Hootsuite? It’s more than an owl. It’s a social media management system. Now what does that exactly encompass you’re wondering. Multichannel management of say, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, in one spot. This is very helpful if you’d like to manage various channels of your social media at the same time, whether it be updating customers or keeping track of their feedback.

This’ll give you an idea of what the interface of Hootsuite looks like. Everything in one place, very manageable. Not only can you keep track of posts, you can schedule posts for future dates and times. Of course, this doesn’t only have to be used by you, a whole social media team can manage it or the better option, the Ciconte Consulting team can do so.

Now you can start with a free month of Hootsuite, but then you’ll have to pay, various tiers here. Hootsuite doesn’t stop with social media management, you can also receive reports via email. Those reports can contain: number of clicks per day, geographical info on where the clicks are coming from, referrers, and your most popular links. It all takes time so let the CC team take that weight off your shoulders and contact us!