Good Things Take Time

 (@TanaMongeau – Twitter)

Here at Ciconte Consulting, we know that a huge event can’t be planned in less than two months especially by a 20-year-old with no event planning experience. Something that’s been trending on social media, especially YouTube and Twitter was a convention by popular YouTuber (with 3.6 million subscribers) Tana Mongeau. In response to having conflicts at VidCon, a conference held annually in California for creators and their fans, she decided to hold her own meet and greet on the same weekend and in close proximity, and she called it TanaCon.

The event ended up going out of control and was what a lot of people thought would happen since she is known to be irresponsible. After overselling tickets, letting people in who didn’t buy tickets, having fans waiting outside in the blistering sun, and using a space that wasn’t able to fit everybody, fans were outraged. She estimated that there were around 20,000 fans outside, when in reality there were around 4,000.

In the planning of this event, Mongeau mentioned how cool it would be to have fans waiting outside for her. Fans weren’t happy to hear that after waiting outside for hours and getting serious sunburns. The space they rented stated in their contract that it could only hold 1,000 people, but they continued to sell around 5,000 tickets. She promised the best security to her fans, but there were no bag checks and limited security. So many of her fans lost their money and weren’t even able to meet her. The police then shut down the event because it was deemed unsafe.

However, she’s blaming the corporation Good Times Live, which has been referred to as “Bad Times Live” after this event. It is also run by someone who is younger and was in over his head, Michael Weist, who has also been getting bad publicity for other reasons recently. He is the CEO of Good Times Live, but also the only worker there. Mongeau said that this event was made to make a statement, not to make money. Most of the tickets were supposed to be free, except for a small extra charge for VIP. While waiting in line outside, the fans talked, and all of them had actually paid and nobody had the “free” tickets. When Mongeau found that out she was shocked. Weist was keeping that money and that information from her.

That is only the beginning of all of the things that went wrong with TanaCon. A large scale convention can’t be put together that fast, even by us. Good things take time, close reading of contracts, and communication which all weren’t evident in this situation. Come to us with all of your event planning needs, and we won’t let you down!