Fortnite Fever

Yes, this Fortnite (Epic Games). Not only is it a game available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC/MAC, and mobile devices; it has turned into a marketing POWERHOUSE. This has obviously led to the game grossing over $1 billion in sales across all of the aforementioned platforms. And the game keeps growing.

Many companies are jumping on the Fortnite wagon too. How so? Well, probably the most prime example which seems to constantly come up is Ninja, a Fortnite streamer on Twitch. He makes around $500,000 monthly steaming Fortnite (Ninja CNBC interview) and the video interview from CNBC is definitely worth a watch. Essentially companies can pay to advertise on his channel and streams.

When you think of gaming, you can usually associate energy drinks with a typical gamer…I know I do. Well Red Bull just hosted an event in Chicago, IL at the Willis Tower, starring *drum roll* NINJA. It was the Red Bull Till Dawn Fortnite tournament. This consisted of a bunch of gamers playing from 8:21pm C.S.T until 5:35am C.S.T.

Fortnite is not only big in the world of streamers, it’s also made its way into sports. There’s celebrations of all sorts (Fortnite celebrations ) in various leagues. These celebrations are based off of Fortnite dances/gestures. There’s precessional athletes tweeting about playing it with other athletes and even their fans. Professional sports has truly caught Fortnite fever.

I do believe that the marketing associated with Fortnite has been plenty of fun as seen on various social media channels. Fortnite will continue to grow along with the booming video game industry and Esports. And if you happen to have a video game or anything that needs marketing, remember to contact us for assistance!

Side note: Happy 1st birthday to Fortnite! 🎉🎁