Food Marketing, It’s Rotten

Look at all of those buzz words in the picture above, you definitely have to buy the product if the label says anything like that!

Just because a label says something doesn’t mean it’s always true or you should feel inclined to buy it. That’s a food marketers job, they want their product to appeal to you, have you buy it, and form a relationship between you and the brand.

So let’s briefly go over 11 “lies” of the junk food industry per Healthline (lies in depth). We’ve all been victim to this labeling, myself included.

  1. Low-fat or fat-free
  2. Trans fat-free
  3. Included whole grains
  4. Gluten-free
  5. Hidden sugar
  6. Calories per serving
  7. Fruit-flavored
  8. Small amounts of healthy ingredients
  9. Hiding controversial ingredients
  10. Low-carb junk foods
  11. “Organic” unhealthy ingredients

Now more than ever, we end up at the grocery store and are over saturated with “health” products. Of course not everything falls into the 11 lies of junk food category and there’s plenty of great products to buy.

Long story short, make sure to read into what you’re buying. It’s not like buying electronics or clothes, this food is going into your body so you have fuel to keep on chugging along. Because at the end of the day, the job of a food marketer is to make a product appealing to you and have you purchase that said product. It’s all about the money 🤑.