How effective is your social media strategy? What “works” for you? What are your goals? How do you measure your return on investment (ROI)? Many factors come into play when answering these questions. Ultimately, it’s what you want to achieve. Whether it be increasing traffic to your website via social media channels, revenue from your brand or through social media via conversions (someone responding to your call-to-action), gaining followers, or growing the visibility of your pages; to name a few.

Though these measurements have upsides there’s also the possibility of pitfalls associated with them. Like growing your follower base for instance. Wow, look at all of these followers!! Sure your follower count is up across your social media channels and your reach has grown, but that isn’t what you should solely focus on. How active are your followers? Do they share/like/retweet your posts? Do they engage with your pages? Are they interested in your goods or services? Do they purchase what you have to offer? The answer to these questions can help measure your ROI. If you’re forming and molding a relationship between your followers and brand, then you can be sure they’ll be active followers.

Social media is very complex and its success can’t be defined by a single variable. Different strategies work for different people and companies. So again, it’s ultimately what works for you and how you want to grow your company’s success.

– JC