Now you know Ware2Go

Last week UPS launched a service called Ware2Go. This service can be utilized for your small or medium sized business and assist with streamlining online orders. It’s as simple as creating an account on the Ware2Go site as a merchant, warehouse, or both; then followed by some questions to further assist with meeting your needs. (Little preview below)

Nick Basford, VP of global retail and e-commerce strategy for UPS commented, “This is really a technology and platform company – more than a services business – with merchants on one side, looking for order fulfillment capabilities, warehouses looking to fill space appropriately. We wanted to build that using the best of both worlds.”

Clearly this is something UPS knows is needed for small/mid sized businesses because fulfillment of orders can be pure chaos. And not to mention outsourced warehousing is continuing to grow and grow, I’m sure there’s stats on that somewhere, google it.

So give Ware2Go a peep and let us know if you have any needs that need to be fulfilled for your online sales growth.