Awkward Thanksgiving

There’s a wonderful world of advertising, then there’s political ads, and then there’s this Paul Gosar Attack Ad. I watched this a few days ago and it was bad, seems to picked up some steam and yep just as bad. In a world of political agendas you wouldn’t think a candidate would stoop this low, but wow. To have 6 of Paul Gosar’s family members say they won’t even vote for him is pure savagery on David Brill’s end. Absolute nightmare of a Thanksgiving dinner for the Gosar family. Political ads just make advertising look flat out bad. But hey, Dr. Brill had this video go viral on social media and the video has over 1.5million views on YouTube already. 🤷‍♂️


Is Instagram Listening

We all know that when we Google something or are looking at a product on a website that we’ll probably see an endless amount of ads for the same thing we were looking at, but did you know your phones also listen to you? Dominic DeAngelis made a YouTube video testing this out, and cleared his search history and talked aloud about Spotify, afterwards his Instagram ads were full of different ads for Spotify. I became curious about this and wondered if it would happen for me too. Yesterday, I FaceTimed my mom saying I thought I was sick, and we talked about drinking tea. Today, I went on my Instagram and the first thing I saw an ad for was Yogi Tea saying it promotes your health. That could’ve just been a coincidence, but then I saw another ad that made me suspicious. My roommate and I were talking about dog treats she got in the mail and her dog yesterday, and today I got an ad from Petco for pet food delivery. As someone who doesn’t have any pets and doesn’t search for any pet stuff I would not be in their target market, but since we talked about it yesterday, I think that could be why. If you ever feel bad about people not listening to you, you shouldn’t, because Instagram is probably listening.


DaWg Pound 🔓

The Cleveland Browns won!! Or…better yet, Bud Light won! Over 8,000 Tweets about Bud Light by 11pm CST, post Browns win. Incredible exposure for their brand and what a time for all the patrons indulging in nectars of a win. There you have it, Cleveland is a title town now, the curse is broken, the Bud Light is flowing. Will they win another game? #InBakerWeTrust

Update: “$6.87 million: Publicity value for Bud Light from Browns Victory fridges, measured on TV, Radio, Internet & Social from last night until 8am ET this morning, according to @ApexMGAnalytics” (Twitter)


Hoot Hoot

(Via Hootsuite)

What in the world is Hootsuite? It’s more than an owl. It’s a social media management system. Now what does that exactly encompass you’re wondering. Multichannel management of say, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, in one spot. This is very helpful if you’d like to manage various channels of your social media at the same time, whether it be updating customers or keeping track of their feedback.

This’ll give you an idea of what the interface of Hootsuite looks like. Everything in one place, very manageable. Not only can you keep track of posts, you can schedule posts for future dates and times. Of course, this doesn’t only have to be used by you, a whole social media team can manage it or the better option, the Ciconte Consulting team can do so.

Now you can start with a free month of Hootsuite, but then you’ll have to pay, various tiers here. Hootsuite doesn’t stop with social media management, you can also receive reports via email. Those reports can contain: number of clicks per day, geographical info on where the clicks are coming from, referrers, and your most popular links. It all takes time so let the CC team take that weight off your shoulders and contact us!


One Bite pt.2

(Via One Bite App)

This is a follow up post from One Bite pt. 1. That man Dave Portnoy did it again. Here’s a link to the recent interview with Erika Nardini (CEO of Barstool) and Dave Portnoy (Founder & pizza connoisseur) featured on Mad Money with Jim Cramer Mad Money – One Bite. “Since launch, the One Bite app has been downloaded more than 175,000 times on iOS devices (an Android beta version launched Sept. 13), with users posting more than 14,000 reviews, according to Barstool Sports. Users have also placed more than 10,000 delivery orders from the app, the company said.” Those numbers are insane and will continue to grow. Go download the iOS version or check out the beta on Android, and get reviewing pizza! I’ve done a few reviews and it’s fun, user friendly, and you get to eat pizza. #BrickByBrick


Facebook Adds Stories Ads

Hahaha what a great title. We are laughing.

Stories Ads were available for global brands on a very limited basis, but now Facebook is testing it with some businesses via beta. They have yet to set an official launch date for this form of advertising, but it’s heading in the right direction.

Above is what was sent out to some of the Facebook marketing partners for the Stories Ads beta. Fine set of guidelines. Facebook is touting that the Stories are viewed by over 150 million people. That’s a substantial number. And with a new vehicle for advertising, we’ll see companies shifting over to running ads via Stories. We shall see when it officially launches for all businesses, so keep them eyes peeled.


It’s Bigger Than Baseball

(Per Orioles Twitter )

This is a marketing home run! YABO! The Baltimore Orioles are wearing Braille jerseys to honor the blind, this is for the National Federation of the Blind Night. So cool and a reminder that it’s bigger than baseball. This will be held on September 18th against the Toronto Blue Jays, then post game the jerseys will be autographed and auctioned off online, the benefits will go directly to the foundation.

We’ve seen it a lot more in recent times but the MLB (Major League Baseball) and their teams are making a greater effort to get everyone involved in the sport, no matter who you are. I’ve been around baseball and love the sport. The game is for everyone! So big ups to the Baltimore Orioles and other clubs holding nights for fans, and foundations.


Just Read It.

Nike did something, which warranted both positive and negative reactions. And here it is.

This generated a whole bee hive worth of buzz.

Incredible. Whether or not this did anything to their stock (other shoe companies were also down because of tariff news), they still managed to generate over $43 million in media exposure, and everyone is talking about it on every form of social media. Not to mention, Nike is currently green as I post this. Again, this has proven to be very controversial, but from a marketing standpoint…wow.


One Bite

( @Stoolpresidente on Instagram)

Alright Frankie, you may think it would be boring to watch someone eat pizza, struggle to pronounce pizzerias’ names, and rate their pizza from 1-10, but around 400,000+ people would disagree. Dave Portnoy, the president of Barstool Sports has been eating and reviewing pizza every day since 2016. His famous catchphrase, which he rarely – if ever – follows, is “One bite, everybody knows the rules.” It’s crazy to think that so many people would care about this, but his funny commentary and butchering of names always keeps people coming back for more.

He’s not just a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, but also the founder of Barstool Sports which has over 5.2 million followers on Instagram. Through the growth of his channel, he has also gotten some pretty cool special guests reviewing with him, like Guy Fieri, the cast of the movie Tag, the cast of Jersey Shore, and John Cena, even though we couldn’t see him, and my personal favorite: Hoodie Allen. You might be wondering how this all started, and how he makes a living. Well, it all started one day when he and a co-worker (shout out to Big Cat) were talking about one food they’d eat for the rest of their lives, he chose pizza while Big Cat chose tacos, and that’s all they ate for a while. However, Dave wanted to continue, and people enjoyed watching this. In addition to doing pizza reviews, the Barstool Instagram pages post mostly comedy videos, they host radio shows, have podcasts, and sell merch, most famously containing their popular saying, “Saturdays are for the Boys.”

If you went back in time and told people that this is a career nowadays, they’d think you were insane and be beyond confused about it all. Interestingly enough, after everything he’s done, Dave’s net worth is currently around $10 million (Barstool being valued at over $100 million). So find something you really want to do and build it, “brick by brick.”

Social media has really changed how things are, and has created a multitude of different careers and internships, including mine here at Ciconte Consulting.


One Bite Clothing

El Pres Blogs & Pizza Reviews

One Bite App (update: the app is now live on the Apple App Store, and currently beta on Android)

Where in the World is Myspace Tom?

Tom Anderson, AKA Myspace Tom, founded Myspace in 2003. He stayed there and let it grow for the next couple of years, but where did he go after selling Myspace to NewsCorp for $580 million? Well, the answer to that is everywhere. But if you gained over a half a billion dollars wouldn’t you do the same? If you take a peek at his Instagram it’s just a glimpse of what he’s been up to lately, which includes being in Oahu, Hawaii earlier this year, and being in places like Singapore, the Philippines, China, and Cambodia in the latter couple of months last year. In addition to travelling the world, he has been taking up photography and posts pictures of all of the locations he’s been visiting on his Instagram account (@myspacetom.)

Not only is he showing everybody where he’s been, but he also has given away numerous trips to places like Hawaii and Iceland to his followers. He stated in his bio that he is on a new mission to help people. While we can’t give you a free trip to Hawaii, we can make your life easier by helping you with your social media account management.