Podcasts are Taking Over the World

Okay, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but they are taking over my Spotify and SoundCloud playlists. Podcasts keep gaining popularity, and my enjoyment as well. According to Forbes, one of the reasons that podcasts are so popular is the exhaustion of screens. I agree with that and it’s something I never thought of. Podcasts are something I generally listen to when I’m about to go to sleep, a time when I wouldn’t want to be looking at a screen but still would want entertaining content. Something I’ve noticed is that people who already have a big platform are the same people whose podcasts are thriving. I personally listen to two podcasts weekly, Ear Biscuits and The Basement Yard. Both of them are conversational and comedic. Ear Biscuits is made by Rhett and Link who host Good Mythical Morning, which is a daily morning talk show on YouTube. They currently have over 14 million subscribers. The Basement Yard is Joe Santagato’s podcast. He is also a YouTuber and has around two and a half million subscribers. They’re definitely both relying on their current fan bases as well as gaining new fans and followers. Something Joe Santagato did in response to his podcast doing so well is that he created a Patreon for his podcast. By doing that, his fans can pledge money every month and gain different levels of rewards, like getting to ask questions for a Q&A segment of the show, an extra episode, as well as some of his merch and discount codes for more. Both of the podcasts I listen to also take time during the podcast to talk about their sponsors and discount codes for their fans. Thinking about how much money can be made by just talking with your friends and uploading it is a crazy thought at first, but then again most podcasters have had to do other things in the past to have a big enough fan base to do so.


Also to piggyback on that here’s two of the podcasts I listen to presented by Barstool Sports (rate, subscribe, unsubscribe, and subscribe again.)

Red Line Radio


Pardon My Take