It’s Bigger Than Baseball

(Per Orioles Twitter )

This is a marketing home run! YABO! The Baltimore Orioles are wearing Braille jerseys to honor the blind, this is for the National Federation of the Blind Night. So cool and a reminder that it’s bigger than baseball. This will be held on September 18th against the Toronto Blue Jays, then post game the jerseys will be autographed and auctioned off online, the benefits will go directly to the foundation.

We’ve seen it a lot more in recent times but the MLB (Major League Baseball) and their teams are making a greater effort to get everyone involved in the sport, no matter who you are. I’ve been around baseball and love the sport. The game is for everyone! So big ups to the Baltimore Orioles and other clubs holding nights for fans, and foundations.


Marketing With a Cause

Cause? Marketing? Cause marketing? What’s that? It’s the marketing of a for-profit product/business which benefits a nonprofit charity or supports a social cause. When you think about it, you’ve probably seen this type of marketing plenty of times throughout your time as a consumer.

Some of the brands above have launched some very successful cause marketing campaigns in the past, and this forged better relationships with their consumers. Although there’s a good amount of companies utilizing cause marketing, two that stand out to me are TOMS and Leesa (mattresses).

TOMS started out with the one for one model, buy a pair and they donate a pair to a child in need. They’ve greatly expanded since then, check out all they do TOMS gives.

Leesa, on the other hand, donates one mattress for every 10 mattresses they sell AND plant one tree for every mattress they sell. More about Leesa’s efforts Leesa gives. Before typing this up I didn’t even know TOMS and Leesa are both certified B Corporations, very cool (per Leesa’s site).

Cause marketing is great for businesses, consumers, and the cause it goes towards. It makes your business look good and makes consumers feel better about their purchase because by buying your product/service they’re assisting with a charitable cause. So bolster your business by giving back to the community and building a positive brand image, it goes a long way.


Pumpkin Spice SZN

Despite a minor warmup; that crisp bite is in the air at night, some trees are turning, and football is back! Is fall here? Not quite yet, but it’s pumpkin spice season and fall/Halloween marketing is well under way in stores. And of course the over saturation of pumpkin spice everything, some real and some LOL funny below (that toilet paper though).

From back-to-school everything, we quickly dive right into Halloween candy and decorations. With smaller holidays in between, we then end up at Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. All of these are absolutely HUGE days for marketers and the marketing of your business/product.

Summer is behind us, sadly, so get that fall marketing in gear. Get those consumers spending on both small/big holidays, FOOTBALL everything, pumpkin spice eats, drinks, and smells. So let your marketing problems fall into our hands and we’ll take care of them.


Just Read It.

Nike did something, which warranted both positive and negative reactions. And here it is.

This generated a whole bee hive worth of buzz.

Incredible. Whether or not this did anything to their stock (other shoe companies were also down because of tariff news), they still managed to generate over $43 million in media exposure, and everyone is talking about it on every form of social media. Not to mention, Nike is currently green as I post this. Again, this has proven to be very controversial, but from a marketing standpoint…wow.


Food Marketing, It’s Rotten

Look at all of those buzz words in the picture above, you definitely have to buy the product if the label says anything like that!

Just because a label says something doesn’t mean it’s always true or you should feel inclined to buy it. That’s a food marketers job, they want their product to appeal to you, have you buy it, and form a relationship between you and the brand.

So let’s briefly go over 11 “lies” of the junk food industry per Healthline (lies in depth). We’ve all been victim to this labeling, myself included.

  1. Low-fat or fat-free
  2. Trans fat-free
  3. Included whole grains
  4. Gluten-free
  5. Hidden sugar
  6. Calories per serving
  7. Fruit-flavored
  8. Small amounts of healthy ingredients
  9. Hiding controversial ingredients
  10. Low-carb junk foods
  11. “Organic” unhealthy ingredients

Now more than ever, we end up at the grocery store and are over saturated with “health” products. Of course not everything falls into the 11 lies of junk food category and there’s plenty of great products to buy.

Long story short, make sure to read into what you’re buying. It’s not like buying electronics or clothes, this food is going into your body so you have fuel to keep on chugging along. Because at the end of the day, the job of a food marketer is to make a product appealing to you and have you purchase that said product. It’s all about the money 🤑.


One Bite

( @Stoolpresidente on Instagram)

Alright Frankie, you may think it would be boring to watch someone eat pizza, struggle to pronounce pizzerias’ names, and rate their pizza from 1-10, but around 400,000+ people would disagree. Dave Portnoy, the president of Barstool Sports has been eating and reviewing pizza every day since 2016. His famous catchphrase, which he rarely – if ever – follows, is “One bite, everybody knows the rules.” It’s crazy to think that so many people would care about this, but his funny commentary and butchering of names always keeps people coming back for more.

He’s not just a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, but also the founder of Barstool Sports which has over 5.2 million followers on Instagram. Through the growth of his channel, he has also gotten some pretty cool special guests reviewing with him, like Guy Fieri, the cast of the movie Tag, the cast of Jersey Shore, and John Cena, even though we couldn’t see him, and my personal favorite: Hoodie Allen. You might be wondering how this all started, and how he makes a living. Well, it all started one day when he and a co-worker (shout out to Big Cat) were talking about one food they’d eat for the rest of their lives, he chose pizza while Big Cat chose tacos, and that’s all they ate for a while. However, Dave wanted to continue, and people enjoyed watching this. In addition to doing pizza reviews, the Barstool Instagram pages post mostly comedy videos, they host radio shows, have podcasts, and sell merch, most famously containing their popular saying, “Saturdays are for the Boys.”

If you went back in time and told people that this is a career nowadays, they’d think you were insane and be beyond confused about it all. Interestingly enough, after everything he’s done, Dave’s net worth is currently around $10 million (Barstool being valued at over $100 million). So find something you really want to do and build it, “brick by brick.”

Social media has really changed how things are, and has created a multitude of different careers and internships, including mine here at Ciconte Consulting.


One Bite Clothing

El Pres Blogs & Pizza Reviews

One Bite App (update: the app is now live on the Apple App Store, and currently beta on Android)

Netflix and Market

Why hello there 😉, care to Netflix and Market? Not really though. But that is along the lines of wittiness that Netflix achieves on their Twitter account. And if you made it this far without knowing what Netflix is, congrats. Netflix is a video streaming service that has some stats that’ll blow your mind away:

• Netflix currently has more than 125 million subscribers who pay to use its services, and 7.4 million of these were added within the first three months of this year.

• Netflix’s closest competitor, Amazon Prime, has about 100 million users.

• Netflix is so successful that in the first quarter of 2018 alone, it added one-half as many subscribers as competitor Hulu has in total.

• Netflix has people using its services in over 190 countries.

Very wow. Much impressed. Netflix continues to grow their user base, add new movies/shows, and of course with all of the money they have…create their own movies/shows!

So if you follow one of the numerous accounts Netflix has on Twitter (mainly their Netflix US), you’d instantly notice their cleverness when it comes to their tweets.


There’s MANY more, but just a couple screen grabs to give you an idea. Their social media engagement is stellar. They put out tweets like the ones above, but you can check out their accounts to see for yourself. But most importantly they’re authentic and very casual when it comes to social media. And people like that, but what they like more is how often they engage with their audience. A lot of thought and creativity goes into Netflix’s posts. Consumers notice that, acknowledge that, and Netflix has no problem replying to a tweet.

Key takeaways for social media engagement? Be creative, put effort into your social media marketing, engage your audience, and don’t be afraid to be REAL. As always, let us assist you doing so 😎.


The Evolution of Snapchat

What started simply as a “picture chat” app, has evolved into an absolute powerhouse when it comes to advertising and daily app usage, this is Snapchat. I’ll try to keep it brief, Spark Notes style. Evolving from the little boxes, to eventually adding lenses, filters, snap ads, in app map system with locations of friends, subscriptions to “influencers” and companies daily/weekly stories, Spectacles, Bitmoji integration, and many more things. Also, Snap Inc. ($SNAP) filed for IPO and currently sits around the low $13.00s with a market cap of 16.17B. Nice.

(I do miss the early adoption days of where you get to open a little box and see best friends, not.)

Some data compliments of Snapchat’s website. And they’re insane. But with those numbers in mind you have to believe it would be a viable tool for advertising use. Of course you can get more in depth with the ages and location to really hit that target market.

So seeing some of the numbers makes you think about advertising through Snapchat. Well what ways can you do that? Discover (tab where you can see trending topics and stories), Sponsored Lenses (can change your voice or appearance, toss a logo on it), Nationwide Lenses, Snap Ads (pop up in between discover stories), Snap Codes (QR codes to unlock “stuff”), Local Geofilters (great for events or a brick and mortar location that’ll it show up near).

I remember when I was sitting in my Ads & Promotions class junior year at SMUMN and we talked about how Snapchat can sustain as an app, well…they sure figured it out. Snapchat truly has evolved, as an app and as the entity Snap Inc. Here’s to the continued evolution and remember to let us help you advertise on Snapchat!


I’ve Guac you Covered

From the wise words of Dj Khaled, “Anotha one.” You might be wondering another what? Another event flop. This time, it was brought to you by the widely beloved Chipotle. Tuesday, July 31, was National Avocado Day, so naturally, Chipotle decided to give away free guacamole (which is regularly a whopping $2.05 in the Chicagoland area.) The only catch was that you had to order online or via their app, and use the code “AVOCADO” at checkout. Apparently they weren’t ready for how many people would take advantage of this $2 off discount, because when I was ready to order lunch on Tuesday, the app was down, as was their website. After refreshing a couple of times and then Googling it, the app and website were down for everybody. After calling, our local Chipotle promised to honor the deal if you showed a screenshot of the app being down at checkout.

After finally getting to the checkout, the employees handed us a bag of chips and container of guacamole, and looked confused when we said that’s not what we wanted. The deal originally stated, “Free guac on your entree OR a free side of guac OR a regular order of chips and guac with an entree.” After explaining that, the cashier charged us for regular bowls instead of the extra $2.05 and free chips. Although the employees should have known exactly what the deal was, they cooperated and were very nice.

Besides the aforementioned issue, there was another one, and knowing Chipotle and their track record it’s not that surprising: a foodborne illness outbreak. The wide range of 200-500 people in Ohio reported getting sick after eating at that Chipotle location. They are being interviewed and tested by the health department.

To deal with the app crashing, Chipotle extended the deal. On August 1, Chipotle announced, “Guac is still not extra” and gave away free guac with mobile orders for an extra day. Guac might not have been extra, but their damage control was.


There’s Many Waze To Advertise

Little forewarning here, this post may or may not be full of puns…anyways you’ll have to read to find out. So what is Waze? Waze is like Google Maps but heavily emphasized on traffic conditions and has a very large community. Members of Waze help keep you informed, whether it be a speed trap, accident, construction, or roadside hazard. These issues then can be up/down voted on if said issue is still occurring.

I’ve used this app plenty of times for road trips or simple morning/afternoon commutes and it really is spot on. “Road side hazard in 0.5mi,” and then I see a car pulled over on the shoulder, 👍🏼 vote. So how can this app get even better for your business? WAZE ADVERTISING. The picture below shows some various ads placed by businesses.

What’s the point of this? Well, this feature can help DRIVE TRAFFIC to your business or possibly end up in a few searches to see what your company is all about. This is really assisting marketers in engagement because consumers can access their business with a tap of a button.

Waze also has four options for formatting ads to more specifically target audiences: branded pins (digital billboard), zero-speed takeover (stopping point ad), nearby arrow (business pops up when close), and promoted search (business appears at top of search results). So, with those four options in mind, there are many Waze to drive traffic to your business. Go download Waze and drive safe! And as always, contact us for your marketing and event needs.