Juicy Pumps Only

Juicy pumps only for Calum Von Moger. That is unless you hurt yourself while lifting, or rappelling. I recently watched the movie Unbroken which stars Calum Von Moger, who is an Aussie bodybuilder and social media influencer. SPOILER ALERT: the movie essentially is about his rise to the top of bodybuilding, playing Arnold in the movie Bigger, influencer lifestyle, family life, and his major setbacks. Calum is all about juicy pumps until he tears his bicep, which leads him to not being able to do anything with his left arm. The recovery involved lots of rehab, and isolation work with his right arm. But once he’s back at he goes rappelling with his older brother, slips and severely injures his knee. Yet another setback. That’s not what this post is about though. It’s about him going through depression because he couldn’t do what he loved…lifting, and living an active lifestyle. What came out of these injuries was an understanding of how important his family and friends truly are. He took a step back from the social media influencer lifestyle and focused on bettering himself. And guess what, he was fine. Social media is so consuming on a daily basis, especially when you rely on income for social media posts as an influencer. But alas, there’s more to life than what’s on your phone and all the social media feeds. So break away and be creative, inspire, free yourself from the screen…or maybe go watch Unbroken, it’s worth it. Let Ciconte Consulting manage your social media pages so you can free your mind.


Instagram’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Timber: The Best Reactions to Instagram Being Down

Whenever Instagram stops working for me, I Google, “Is Instagram down” to see if it’s down for everybody, or if it’s just my phone acting up. Since that’s been happening a lot lately, I became quite familiar with downdetector where people from around the world report outages for many different websites and apps. While Instagram was down again, I decided to compile a list of my favorite comments people wrote about it being down. While looking through the comments, I saw many basically saying the same thing, ‘It’s STILL down?!’ which I related to, after checking if it was back up multiple times throughout the day and being disappointed. Because there were an abundance of people whining about it being down, Samuel He wanted to take it back to the days before social media and commented, “can yall STOP crying go take a walk to the park or something.” Sounding like a true Instagram model, Cersai Lannister wrote, “Seven hours without Instagram. My hands are tingling and my brain hurts. MY LIFE IS SLOWLY LOSING ITS PURPOSE!!!!!” Subsequently, a user named Matt commented, “Instagram models currently out of a job. This is a blessing in disguise.” Another user, Maja, commented the solution to everything, “put it in rice.” Maybe that’s why Instagram finally started working again. Finally, user Klebold said, “Well cya around when Instagram crashes again, peace-”

– EC

Lululemon Recruitment

Do you really think that a brand with almost three million followers on Instagram would pick you to be an ambassador and send you free clothes every month just for having over 150 followers and sharing their post? Well, over 350,000 people followed the fake account (@lulurecruitment) and shared their post that said, “We are looking for 150 ambassadors for our upcoming clothing season. You will receive free shipments of Lululemon clothing and accessories monthly.” The other requirements were that they had to follow the fake account, repost the picture, and tag them. They also had a section of what you’d get if you were chosen on December 31st, which in addition to the free clothes included first access to new clothing, monthly gift cards, and family discounts.

When hearing about this on Twitter, the official Lululemon account said that it was fake and not to trust accounts without the blue checkmark. They also shared how to become an actual ambassador, which includes going into their stores and talking to them in person. So, I’m sorry if you shared the previous post, but you’re not getting $100 leggings for free every month. How about those 🍋s.



‘Tis the season! So what better way to connect with consumers than to highlight your products through Instagram. Instagram is rolling out 3 new features for businesses to hopefully help you make a sale while keeping the process relatively simple. The updates include a new collection tab to save products tagged in stories or in posts; the ability to shop from videos; and a new shop tab on business pages where consumers can visit and see all of the shoppable products the company’s used in a shopping post, per AdWeek. These new features really simplify the process of shopping, but make it much easier for someone to see a product in a video/picture and boom click the link and there it is…BUY!

Currently there’s already a shopping explore tab and shopping via Instagram stories. Instagram announced that more than 90 million users are tapping on companies posts to see what highlighted products there are on a monthly basis. During this busy holiday season let us help you with all of your social media needs, and especially to get the most out of your Instagram.


Is Instagram Listening

We all know that when we Google something or are looking at a product on a website that we’ll probably see an endless amount of ads for the same thing we were looking at, but did you know your phones also listen to you? Dominic DeAngelis made a YouTube video testing this out, and cleared his search history and talked aloud about Spotify, afterwards his Instagram ads were full of different ads for Spotify. I became curious about this and wondered if it would happen for me too. Yesterday, I FaceTimed my mom saying I thought I was sick, and we talked about drinking tea. Today, I went on my Instagram and the first thing I saw an ad for was Yogi Tea saying it promotes your health. That could’ve just been a coincidence, but then I saw another ad that made me suspicious. My roommate and I were talking about dog treats she got in the mail and her dog yesterday, and today I got an ad from Petco for pet food delivery. As someone who doesn’t have any pets and doesn’t search for any pet stuff I would not be in their target market, but since we talked about it yesterday, I think that could be why. If you ever feel bad about people not listening to you, you shouldn’t, because Instagram is probably listening.


Picture This

Although a story with photos and little to no text might sound like a children’s storybook, it is also an example of one of the most popular social media platforms today: Instagram. You might think Instagram is just a fun place to post selfies or the food you’ve had recently. In reality, Instagram is used by many businesses and companies to promote their goods and services. Pictures aren’t just about the subject matter in the photo, they are also about placement, lighting, and filters.

Starting with placement, a popular rule in the photography world is the rule of thirds. When using the rule of thirds, the main focus of the picture should be at the one-third point of the picture. By doing so, that will not only draw your audience’s eyes to the focal point, but also their attention. Not only does it make the object stand out more, but it can also cause their mind to wander places where it wouldn’t have otherwise. As you can see, not only does the tomato in that photo pop, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Next, is lighting. Lighting doesn’t only change how a picture physically looks, but it can also change the mood of a photo. To get the most out of natural lighting, the best time to shoot would be an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset, also known as the golden hour. A brighter photo can look friendlier and show viewers a look into a brighter future. A darker photo can become more dramatic and tell more of a story. As you can see, both of the pictures show city streets, but the darker photo looks more mysterious, while the brighter one looks more welcoming.

Finally, something Instagram is famous for, is filters. Filters like lighting can also change the mood of a photo. As talked about in a previous blog post, trends are constantly changing. The ways users edit their photos have also changed. Instead of using preset Instagram filters, users have now turned to other apps to edit their photos before posting, like VSCO, Facetune, and Snapseed. With what seems like an endless amount of filters to choose from, there is a filter to set the right mood of your photo, no matter what it is.



With all of that information in mind, you now know how to make the most of your next Instagram photo.