Emojis have played an increasing role in the past few years when it comes to the social media strategies of numerous companies, i.e.; Taco Bell, Domino’s Pizza, Burger King, Coca-Cola, etc. And those are some heavyweight companies that are banking on the reach of the emoji usage on social media. Emojis basically serve as another language for communicating throughout the tech world and with consumers. Time to go over Rosetta Stonji.

As strange as it seems emojis help us convey our feelings so we can better understand each other through text. How do I feel while writing this blog? 😊 Well of course if consumers are using emojis, brands have to adapt to emoji use…whether it be a marketing campaign or simply sprinkled into messages sent on various channels. Like all other strategies in business, emojis can be hit or miss. One brand that knocked it out of the park is Domino’s Pizza. If your twitter account is linked to your Domino’s account you can simply tweet them the pizza emoji and boom, your favorite pizza is ordered. This also works via text message, seen below.

Another “pretty big” company that utilized the emoji for a social media campaign is McDonald’s. They essentially used emojis to tell some short stories about how a bad day can turn into a good day, by obviously eating McDonald’s. Which is fairly easy to understand by the looks of the image.

A couple other ways emojis are used by brands can be seen in their custom keyboards if they have one, sticker packs, or even throwing said emojis on a product #pepsiMoji…Google it. And don’t forget Bitmoji! (random food for thought, over 6 billion emojis are sent everyday…whole lot opportunities there) .

Emoji use is just going to keep growing, amongst consumers, brands, and throughout the tech world. Apple, Android, and Windows keep adding new emojis, so make good use of them and use them wisely. Oh and if you got this far without knowing what an emoji is, thanks for reading and here you go. “emoji – a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication.” – Dictionary.com