Major Key Performance Indicator Alert

Or for short KPI. So what exactly is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator)? It’s a performance measurement that evaluates the success of an organization or of a particular activity in which it engages. Okay? But more specifically, say you have social media awareness marketing objectives, what KPIs can be used to evaluate the success.

1-7 in this image above are all great measurements of social media awareness KPIs. All of which are measurable and can better assist you or your company with tracking performance, whether likes or hashtags, or shares. But don’t limit KPIs to just marketing, they can apply to sales metrics, supply chain metrics, and Human Resources metrics, to name a few. KPIs are great because it let’s you measure the success of the certain targets. Scoro and Datapine are two that the CC Team utilizes to assist with KPI measurements. 🔑


Hoot Hoot

(Via Hootsuite)

What in the world is Hootsuite? It’s more than an owl. It’s a social media management system. Now what does that exactly encompass you’re wondering. Multichannel management of say, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, in one spot. This is very helpful if you’d like to manage various channels of your social media at the same time, whether it be updating customers or keeping track of their feedback.

This’ll give you an idea of what the interface of Hootsuite looks like. Everything in one place, very manageable. Not only can you keep track of posts, you can schedule posts for future dates and times. Of course, this doesn’t only have to be used by you, a whole social media team can manage it or the better option, the Ciconte Consulting team can do so.

Now you can start with a free month of Hootsuite, but then you’ll have to pay, various tiers here. Hootsuite doesn’t stop with social media management, you can also receive reports via email. Those reports can contain: number of clicks per day, geographical info on where the clicks are coming from, referrers, and your most popular links. It all takes time so let the CC team take that weight off your shoulders and contact us!


What You Need To Know About Google Analytics And Why You Should Get It

When it comes to tracking traffic to your website, there are so many options out there that it becomes a little daunting just to choose one. However, there is one analytics service that stands out from the rest, and that is Google Analytics.

Now, if you’re asking yourself, “Why should I use Google Analytics?” then keep on reading because that question is about to be answered in a few short moments.

To start this off, we would like to point out that the standard version of Google Analytics is free. With this you get access to all of their tools, but the data you get from the free version is more of an average. This means that the data you get is an estimate, so it’s not as accurate as information you would get from the premium version.

Even if you decide that to buy into the premium version, you’re going to be saving so much money due to the fact that Google Analytics has all the tools you’ll ever need when it comes to analyzing site traffic.

With all these tools at your disposal, you can track things such as: active users currently on your site, whether users are coming to your site organically or through other sources, bounce rates, repeat visitors, and so many other statistical variables. And this information doesn’t only need to be used to track your day-to-day operations.

With Analytics, you can track your social ad campaigns or campaigns made through programs like AdSense with the same accuracy. Also, you can use it for Ecommerce to track things like: sales performance, transactions, and at what times people are buying your products most.

All of this information is at your disposal with the free version of Analytics and you don’t even need to host your site with Google, but the best part about it is how easy it is to get started.

Though we won’t dive into the set-up here, just know that all you basically have to do is drop in a few URLs and add a tracking code to your site’s code. It’s really simple and could be done in under an hour.

Having some sort of analytical service is necessary if you want to make accurate and educated moves, and we think that Google Analytics should be the one you choose. And once that is all said and done, you can drill into all the information you want and push your performance and sales to the next level.

-Big Lou