Build-A-Backup Plan

In event planning something you always have to do is have a backup plan and roll with the punches. Build-A-Bear is a good example of a company who recently did that. Recently, they had planned an event and advertised it on social media called “Pay Your Age” day. It was just like it sounded, you pay your age for any bear in the store, up to 29-years old, so if you were over 29, the most it would cost is $29, and if you were under one, it would still cost $1. All you had to do to get the special price on July 12 was to sign up for their online club, which is also free. Well, that’s not really all you had to do, I can’t forget waiting in lines full of kids for hours on end. The lengthy lines caused the stores to close and send people home with $15 vouchers, but no bears.

After many angry customers posted about their bad experiences on social media and complained to the company, Build-A-Bear announced a new promotion: Count Your Candles. This new promotion only works for one bear, the Birthday Treat Bear, which is originally $14. It is for children 14 and younger, which makes sense with that price. The new deal works like this, you still need to be a member, but instead of waiting in long lines and getting any bear you want, you get the birthday bear, any day during your birth month, for the age you’re turning. Build-A-Bear worked fast to bring out this new promotion, which was good, but a better thing would be to plan out the original event better. Like author Alan Lakein once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”