Trick or Treat Yo’Self (To McDonald’s)

One of McDonald’s most famous sales promotions is their annual game of Monopoly with the peel-off pieces, but did you know they’re also doing something similar for Halloween this year? Their new game of chance, called “Trick. Treat. Win!” has instant prizes, like a free medium fries, a Big Mac, items from McCafé, and various other items on their menu. Like Monopoly, they also have bigger prizes, like a brand new 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe, trips, cash, and smaller giveaways like speakers and headphones. Not only are they getting more people to buy participating items to get the chance to win, but they are also increasing their app traffic, meaning they will have more people using their app. To get this to happen, they made a majority of the peel-off pieces a certain number of “coins.” Those coins are then turned into entries to win the grand prizes and have to be submitted through the app. If your mouth is now watering at the thought of McDonald’s, or your wallet is begging you to win a prize, some of the participating items with the peel-offs include the Filet-O-Fish, hashbrowns, a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and a medium fountain drink. To get double the chance to win, 20 piece nuggets and large fries both come with two game pieces.


Marketing Takes Grit

It’s time to get Gritty. Just stare at the image above as Gritty stares right back at you and sees through your soul. In case you didn’t already know, Gritty is the new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers (NHL).

What started as something of pure fear and assumptions of being a misfit muppet, has evolved into some great marketing for the Flyers. Gritty is a very popular meme (for better or worse), appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and spent the day at the Barstool Sports HQ. Gritty can be seen with El Pres in his pizza review of Bravo Pizza. Gritty is savage.

As expected, like the Broad Street Bullies, Gritty is an absolute hooligan on/off the ice. Seems to be mixed responses amongst kids interactions with Gritty, but alas Halloween Gritty are already a thing. S’cute.

So the Flyers have won marketing with grit(ty). You can love or hate this oversized muppet, but from the looks of it, Gritty is here to stay and cause trouble.

Pay Your Social Media Taxes

Better pay your taxes! Imagine being taxed for your social media use, wow, you’d be shelling out the big bucks! Just this week Ugandan lawmakers voted in favor of keeping their social media tax in place. More specifically a daily social media fee and mobile money tax; a daily fee of 200 shillings (0.05 U.S. dollars) for social media use and 0.5 percent excise duty on mobile money withdrawals. For the most part this is in place to help fund government projects.

Imagine being taxed daily on your social media usage, maybe a little more than 0.05 cents since that isn’t much to most, but hey more money in your pocket. Never take anything for granted and let us help you with all of your social media work!


Are ads Mind Controlling?

After having a dream about going to a baseball game with someone who promotes SeatGeek, I immediately thought about the app and that got me thinking. Ads are no longer just something we see as we scroll through our social media or between episodes on TV, they are something that live in our brain. If we hear something that sounds familiar or rings a bell, we automatically think about an ad that uses that jingle or has something similar in their ad. This got me to thinking even more, what if companies could pay extra for their products to be on our mind, not because we saw it in a commercial, but just because they wanted us to think about it. Ads definitely control our mind to an extent, but hopefully they don’t take over our minds one day.



Its all about YOUtube! If you don’t pay for a premium YouTube account to skip the ads, then fact of the matter is you see plenty of ads. But are they relevant to you? Well they’re about to get a lot more specific to your interests. Which seems quite scary, but at least they’ll be geared towards YOU.

Why is YouTube doing this? Well, many people actually use YouTube to search for more information on products, i.e. reviews and tutorials. It serves as a tool for people to learn more about an item or service before purchasing it. They can see someone else using it, or weighing out the pros/cons.

Again, this is something that’s fairly in the infant stages of what they plan on doing with advertising via Google. As time passes more videos will have ads tailored towards your interests or searches, which is good, but I’m sure it’ll creep some out.


Crossing Boundaries

Geo-location marketing is becoming increasingly bigger as more and more people use smartphones/devices. Your location proves to be a very powerful tool for marketers, and in comes geofencing. What is geofencing; Geofencing is the practice of using global positioning (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define a geographic boundary. Then, once this “virtual barrier” is established, the administrator can set up triggers that send a text message, email alert, or app notification when a mobile device enters (or exits) the specified area. In short, whether your within a certain boundary or cross one, a specific geography marketing tactic will be triggered.

Why is the utilization or this technique important? It’s very location specific…if I’m near a Starbucks and receive a text for a deal they’re running, I’d be more inclined to take of advantage of it knowing it’s nearby. This is relevant to any business that utilizes geofencing. Geofencing is also great for events. Geofence the area where it’s happening to let people know about it and hopefully get them to check it out. This pertains to Snapchat geofilters as well. You literally fence off a specific area (pricing varies upon that and time is runs) and it’ll show up within that geofenced location. As location based services and apps grow, so will the practice of geofencing. So let the CC Team help put up that geofence to get people in your doors!


Pavlovian Marketing

Ring, ring. Are you salivating for some food? Or did that fly over your head? That’s a picture of Ivan Pavlov who is responsible for the old, bell rings and dog salivates because it associates the sound of the bell with food, Pavlov’s Theory. Well this theory was taken and applied to marketing; Pavlovian Marketing.

Pretty relevant image with the holiday season upcoming, but companies do utilize Pavlovian marketing to really rope you in as a consumer. So in this example, Coca-Cola is associating their product with Christmas which is a happy time for most, but as they advertise their product of Santa drinking a coke, they want you to associate Coca-Cola with Christmas because of those feelings. Once the conditioning of that develops you will start to associate Coca-Cola with happiness and next thing you know you want to drink a coke to achieve said happiness. Pavlovian theory/marketing is very much alive, whether we notice it or not. So ring ring *salivates intensely.*


Awkward Thanksgiving

There’s a wonderful world of advertising, then there’s political ads, and then there’s this Paul Gosar Attack Ad. I watched this a few days ago and it was bad, seems to picked up some steam and yep just as bad. In a world of political agendas you wouldn’t think a candidate would stoop this low, but wow. To have 6 of Paul Gosar’s family members say they won’t even vote for him is pure savagery on David Brill’s end. Absolute nightmare of a Thanksgiving dinner for the Gosar family. Political ads just make advertising look flat out bad. But hey, Dr. Brill had this video go viral on social media and the video has over 1.5million views on YouTube already. 🤷‍♂️


Is Instagram Listening

We all know that when we Google something or are looking at a product on a website that we’ll probably see an endless amount of ads for the same thing we were looking at, but did you know your phones also listen to you? Dominic DeAngelis made a YouTube video testing this out, and cleared his search history and talked aloud about Spotify, afterwards his Instagram ads were full of different ads for Spotify. I became curious about this and wondered if it would happen for me too. Yesterday, I FaceTimed my mom saying I thought I was sick, and we talked about drinking tea. Today, I went on my Instagram and the first thing I saw an ad for was Yogi Tea saying it promotes your health. That could’ve just been a coincidence, but then I saw another ad that made me suspicious. My roommate and I were talking about dog treats she got in the mail and her dog yesterday, and today I got an ad from Petco for pet food delivery. As someone who doesn’t have any pets and doesn’t search for any pet stuff I would not be in their target market, but since we talked about it yesterday, I think that could be why. If you ever feel bad about people not listening to you, you shouldn’t, because Instagram is probably listening.


Major Key Performance Indicator Alert

Or for short KPI. So what exactly is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator)? It’s a performance measurement that evaluates the success of an organization or of a particular activity in which it engages. Okay? But more specifically, say you have social media awareness marketing objectives, what KPIs can be used to evaluate the success.

1-7 in this image above are all great measurements of social media awareness KPIs. All of which are measurable and can better assist you or your company with tracking performance, whether likes or hashtags, or shares. But don’t limit KPIs to just marketing, they can apply to sales metrics, supply chain metrics, and Human Resources metrics, to name a few. KPIs are great because it let’s you measure the success of the certain targets. Scoro and Datapine are two that the CC Team utilizes to assist with KPI measurements. 🔑