Where in the World is Myspace Tom?

Tom Anderson, AKA Myspace Tom, founded Myspace in 2003. He stayed there and let it grow for the next couple of years, but where did he go after selling Myspace to NewsCorp for $580 million? Well, the answer to that is everywhere. But if you gained over a half a billion dollars wouldn’t you do the same? If you take a peek at his Instagram it’s just a glimpse of what he’s been up to lately, which includes being in Oahu, Hawaii earlier this year, and being in places like Singapore, the Philippines, China, and Cambodia in the latter couple of months last year. In addition to travelling the world, he has been taking up photography and posts pictures of all of the locations he’s been visiting on his Instagram account (@myspacetom.)

Not only is he showing everybody where he’s been, but he also has given away numerous trips to places like Hawaii and Iceland to his followers. He stated in his bio that he is on a new mission to help people. While we can’t give you a free trip to Hawaii, we can make your life easier by helping you with your social media account management.


Netflix and Market

Why hello there 😉, care to Netflix and Market? Not really though. But that is along the lines of wittiness that Netflix achieves on their Twitter account. And if you made it this far without knowing what Netflix is, congrats. Netflix is a video streaming service that has some stats that’ll blow your mind away:

• Netflix currently has more than 125 million subscribers who pay to use its services, and 7.4 million of these were added within the first three months of this year.

• Netflix’s closest competitor, Amazon Prime, has about 100 million users.

• Netflix is so successful that in the first quarter of 2018 alone, it added one-half as many subscribers as competitor Hulu has in total.

• Netflix has people using its services in over 190 countries.

Very wow. Much impressed. Netflix continues to grow their user base, add new movies/shows, and of course with all of the money they have…create their own movies/shows!

So if you follow one of the numerous accounts Netflix has on Twitter (mainly their Netflix US), you’d instantly notice their cleverness when it comes to their tweets.


There’s MANY more, but just a couple screen grabs to give you an idea. Their social media engagement is stellar. They put out tweets like the ones above, but you can check out their accounts to see for yourself. But most importantly they’re authentic and very casual when it comes to social media. And people like that, but what they like more is how often they engage with their audience. A lot of thought and creativity goes into Netflix’s posts. Consumers notice that, acknowledge that, and Netflix has no problem replying to a tweet.

Key takeaways for social media engagement? Be creative, put effort into your social media marketing, engage your audience, and don’t be afraid to be REAL. As always, let us assist you doing so 😎.


Take a Seat

That VR (virtual reality) is so hot right now! Being a company that plans events, or any event planners should be pretty pleased with AllSeated launching a VR tool. Why?! Take a peek AllSeated VR Preview

So essentially with the VR tool you can experience a virtual walkthrough of what your venue could possibly look like per your request. “Over 100 venues are enabled for the new VR platform, AllSeated says, and projects having more than 1,000 venues in their VR library by 2019.” HUGE! The whole close your eyes and picture what this space would look like is very much possible through the power of VR and with your eyes open.

This project still has ways to go given the addition of venues and certain types of furniture and designs. But to even catch a glimpse of what your dream event space will look like is a true eye opener. So take a seat and experience the venue with AllSeated VR.


The Evolution of Snapchat

What started simply as a “picture chat” app, has evolved into an absolute powerhouse when it comes to advertising and daily app usage, this is Snapchat. I’ll try to keep it brief, Spark Notes style. Evolving from the little boxes, to eventually adding lenses, filters, snap ads, in app map system with locations of friends, subscriptions to “influencers” and companies daily/weekly stories, Spectacles, Bitmoji integration, and many more things. Also, Snap Inc. ($SNAP) filed for IPO and currently sits around the low $13.00s with a market cap of 16.17B. Nice.

(I do miss the early adoption days of where you get to open a little box and see best friends, not.)

Some data compliments of Snapchat’s website. And they’re insane. But with those numbers in mind you have to believe it would be a viable tool for advertising use. Of course you can get more in depth with the ages and location to really hit that target market.

So seeing some of the numbers makes you think about advertising through Snapchat. Well what ways can you do that? Discover (tab where you can see trending topics and stories), Sponsored Lenses (can change your voice or appearance, toss a logo on it), Nationwide Lenses, Snap Ads (pop up in between discover stories), Snap Codes (QR codes to unlock “stuff”), Local Geofilters (great for events or a brick and mortar location that’ll it show up near).

I remember when I was sitting in my Ads & Promotions class junior year at SMUMN and we talked about how Snapchat can sustain as an app, well…they sure figured it out. Snapchat truly has evolved, as an app and as the entity Snap Inc. Here’s to the continued evolution and remember to let us help you advertise on Snapchat!


I’ve Guac you Covered

From the wise words of Dj Khaled, “Anotha one.” You might be wondering another what? Another event flop. This time, it was brought to you by the widely beloved Chipotle. Tuesday, July 31, was National Avocado Day, so naturally, Chipotle decided to give away free guacamole (which is regularly a whopping $2.05 in the Chicagoland area.) The only catch was that you had to order online or via their app, and use the code “AVOCADO” at checkout. Apparently they weren’t ready for how many people would take advantage of this $2 off discount, because when I was ready to order lunch on Tuesday, the app was down, as was their website. After refreshing a couple of times and then Googling it, the app and website were down for everybody. After calling, our local Chipotle promised to honor the deal if you showed a screenshot of the app being down at checkout.

After finally getting to the checkout, the employees handed us a bag of chips and container of guacamole, and looked confused when we said that’s not what we wanted. The deal originally stated, “Free guac on your entree OR a free side of guac OR a regular order of chips and guac with an entree.” After explaining that, the cashier charged us for regular bowls instead of the extra $2.05 and free chips. Although the employees should have known exactly what the deal was, they cooperated and were very nice.

Besides the aforementioned issue, there was another one, and knowing Chipotle and their track record it’s not that surprising: a foodborne illness outbreak. The wide range of 200-500 people in Ohio reported getting sick after eating at that Chipotle location. They are being interviewed and tested by the health department.

To deal with the app crashing, Chipotle extended the deal. On August 1, Chipotle announced, “Guac is still not extra” and gave away free guac with mobile orders for an extra day. Guac might not have been extra, but their damage control was.


There’s Many Waze To Advertise

Little forewarning here, this post may or may not be full of puns…anyways you’ll have to read to find out. So what is Waze? Waze is like Google Maps but heavily emphasized on traffic conditions and has a very large community. Members of Waze help keep you informed, whether it be a speed trap, accident, construction, or roadside hazard. These issues then can be up/down voted on if said issue is still occurring.

I’ve used this app plenty of times for road trips or simple morning/afternoon commutes and it really is spot on. “Road side hazard in 0.5mi,” and then I see a car pulled over on the shoulder, 👍🏼 vote. So how can this app get even better for your business? WAZE ADVERTISING. The picture below shows some various ads placed by businesses.

What’s the point of this? Well, this feature can help DRIVE TRAFFIC to your business or possibly end up in a few searches to see what your company is all about. This is really assisting marketers in engagement because consumers can access their business with a tap of a button.

Waze also has four options for formatting ads to more specifically target audiences: branded pins (digital billboard), zero-speed takeover (stopping point ad), nearby arrow (business pops up when close), and promoted search (business appears at top of search results). So, with those four options in mind, there are many Waze to drive traffic to your business. Go download Waze and drive safe! And as always, contact us for your marketing and event needs.


Fortnite Fever

Yes, this Fortnite (Epic Games). Not only is it a game available on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC/MAC, and mobile devices; it has turned into a marketing POWERHOUSE. This has obviously led to the game grossing over $1 billion in sales across all of the aforementioned platforms. And the game keeps growing.

Many companies are jumping on the Fortnite wagon too. How so? Well, probably the most prime example which seems to constantly come up is Ninja, a Fortnite streamer on Twitch. He makes around $500,000 monthly steaming Fortnite (Ninja CNBC interview) and the video interview from CNBC is definitely worth a watch. Essentially companies can pay to advertise on his channel and streams.

When you think of gaming, you can usually associate energy drinks with a typical gamer…I know I do. Well Red Bull just hosted an event in Chicago, IL at the Willis Tower, starring *drum roll* NINJA. It was the Red Bull Till Dawn Fortnite tournament. This consisted of a bunch of gamers playing from 8:21pm C.S.T until 5:35am C.S.T.

Fortnite is not only big in the world of streamers, it’s also made its way into sports. There’s celebrations of all sorts (Fortnite celebrations ) in various leagues. These celebrations are based off of Fortnite dances/gestures. There’s precessional athletes tweeting about playing it with other athletes and even their fans. Professional sports has truly caught Fortnite fever.

I do believe that the marketing associated with Fortnite has been plenty of fun as seen on various social media channels. Fortnite will continue to grow along with the booming video game industry and Esports. And if you happen to have a video game or anything that needs marketing, remember to contact us for assistance!

Side note: Happy 1st birthday to Fortnite! 🎉🎁


Build-A-Backup Plan

In event planning something you always have to do is have a backup plan and roll with the punches. Build-A-Bear is a good example of a company who recently did that. Recently, they had planned an event and advertised it on social media called “Pay Your Age” day. It was just like it sounded, you pay your age for any bear in the store, up to 29-years old, so if you were over 29, the most it would cost is $29, and if you were under one, it would still cost $1. All you had to do to get the special price on July 12 was to sign up for their online club, which is also free. Well, that’s not really all you had to do, I can’t forget waiting in lines full of kids for hours on end. The lengthy lines caused the stores to close and send people home with $15 vouchers, but no bears.

After many angry customers posted about their bad experiences on social media and complained to the company, Build-A-Bear announced a new promotion: Count Your Candles. This new promotion only works for one bear, the Birthday Treat Bear, which is originally $14. It is for children 14 and younger, which makes sense with that price. The new deal works like this, you still need to be a member, but instead of waiting in long lines and getting any bear you want, you get the birthday bear, any day during your birth month, for the age you’re turning. Build-A-Bear worked fast to bring out this new promotion, which was good, but a better thing would be to plan out the original event better. Like author Alan Lakein once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”


World Cup Winner

As I sit here, it really saddens me to think that the ever so exciting World Cup has come to an end. No more watching games while working with those amazing scheduled times CST. Congrats France! But a huge congrats to Nike, for not being an official sponsor and still taking the marketing crown.
How so (*scratches head*)? Well, take a look at the Nike infographic:


I’m sold sold on the Golden Boot winner wearing Nike, the Golden Ball winner wearing Nike, and best young player wearing Nike. I reckon that might drive boot sales up a tad bit. And not to mention it was an all Nike final match up of Croatia/France.

So on the world’s biggest sports stage, Nike takes the crown. The countdown to Qatar 2022 begins, you’ll be missed World Cup.

Good Things Take Time

 (@TanaMongeau – Twitter)

Here at Ciconte Consulting, we know that a huge event can’t be planned in less than two months especially by a 20-year-old with no event planning experience. Something that’s been trending on social media, especially YouTube and Twitter was a convention by popular YouTuber (with 3.6 million subscribers) Tana Mongeau. In response to having conflicts at VidCon, a conference held annually in California for creators and their fans, she decided to hold her own meet and greet on the same weekend and in close proximity, and she called it TanaCon.

The event ended up going out of control and was what a lot of people thought would happen since she is known to be irresponsible. After overselling tickets, letting people in who didn’t buy tickets, having fans waiting outside in the blistering sun, and using a space that wasn’t able to fit everybody, fans were outraged. She estimated that there were around 20,000 fans outside, when in reality there were around 4,000.

In the planning of this event, Mongeau mentioned how cool it would be to have fans waiting outside for her. Fans weren’t happy to hear that after waiting outside for hours and getting serious sunburns. The space they rented stated in their contract that it could only hold 1,000 people, but they continued to sell around 5,000 tickets. She promised the best security to her fans, but there were no bag checks and limited security. So many of her fans lost their money and weren’t even able to meet her. The police then shut down the event because it was deemed unsafe.

However, she’s blaming the corporation Good Times Live, which has been referred to as “Bad Times Live” after this event. It is also run by someone who is younger and was in over his head, Michael Weist, who has also been getting bad publicity for other reasons recently. He is the CEO of Good Times Live, but also the only worker there. Mongeau said that this event was made to make a statement, not to make money. Most of the tickets were supposed to be free, except for a small extra charge for VIP. While waiting in line outside, the fans talked, and all of them had actually paid and nobody had the “free” tickets. When Mongeau found that out she was shocked. Weist was keeping that money and that information from her.

That is only the beginning of all of the things that went wrong with TanaCon. A large scale convention can’t be put together that fast, even by us. Good things take time, close reading of contracts, and communication which all weren’t evident in this situation. Come to us with all of your event planning needs, and we won’t let you down!