Christmas SZN

This post is all about business, the business of talking about things Christmas related; shopping trends, movies, holiday marketing, etc. Where to start. Let’s get things heated up with top 5 Christmas movies, something El Sol and I have always discussed over the years: HOT TAKES. These are in no particular order but mine are:

  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • A Christmas Story
  • Home Alone
  • Jingle All The Way
  • Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey)

Alright, alright…I could probably stretch it to a top 10, but 5 will have to suffice as my must watch *triggered*. Oh and this is coming from the same person that blasts Christmas music in November 😎.

I’d like to believe it’s the season of joy and family and friends, it also helps with the seasonal music, movies, and decorations. But it’s the season of SPENDING, CHA-CHING! We feel inclined to buy more because of amazing sales, and deals of a lifetime, can’t pass up on those. Friends and family = gifts = monies. Heartfelt commercials, Santa, giant bows on cars, we need it all. Plenty of marketing dollars are pumped into holiday ads and getting you into a store to buy the hottest items. Ciconte Consulting’s gift to you this holiday season will be the gift of extraordinary marketing, so contact us and we’ll gladly accept milk and cookies as payment.


Sweet Cheesus!!

Global Cheese Market Forecast to Cross USD 124.2 billion in 2022: ZMR Report. Read that again and let it sink in. Like what?! I read that and can’t even comprehend how much cheese is consumed globally on a yearly basis, let alone anywhere near the forecasted amount of dollars for the cheese market in 2022. There has to be a cheese mafia out there if the market share is that large, respects to Don Mozzarella and Sammy Stringcheese. With the cheese/dairy market being so large that means a pretty competitive market at that, so position yourself wisely. Side-note: Dairy Foods’ 2018 Cheese Outlook Study revealed that “natural cheese” accounts for 81% of current cheese production, and nearly 9 out of 10 respondents (89%) thought that all-natural, organic and/or artisanal cheeses are “in style” for 2018.

Well if you or your company are in the cheese industry, how can you gain that competitive advantage over other companies? Maybe have sampling options at a grocery store (if stocked) or offer those same samples at a trade show, farmers market is another option. You want your product tasted and you want it to stand out from others. Fully utilize digital marketing and social media marketing! We live in a digital age, and yes cheese/dairy brands should be taking advantage of that fact. Build your online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (cool cheese creations?). Your company can be cheesy when it comes to content..but don’t let your content get too blue, it should be pretty gouda stuff. We can help your consumers become very fondue you, contact us today!


You Darn Millennials!

Do these look like killers to you?! Well these so-called “millennials” are being blamed for killing these products:

  1. Breakfast cereal (CEREAL KILLERS!)
  2. Paper napkins
  3. Buffalo Wild Wings; other chain restaurant sales
  4. Beer
  5. Motorcycles
  6. Homeownership
  7. American cheese
  8. And most recently canned tuna

I mean the audacity of these millennials! But yes the declining sales of the aforementioned products/services is the truth, but millennials are the easiest scapegoat for blame. It’s pretty laughable. My hot take on all of this is pretty 🔥 since I’m a millennial. But in all honesty I don’t own or shop for any of the above, minus a seldom beer (all about the vino #sheesh). Why? I skip breakfast. I prefer paper towels. I opt to use services such as Uber Eats or Doordash, to eat good foods in the comfort of my apartment. Not many 20 somethings can afford owning a home, or apartment…or are saving money living with their parents. And I’ve never been a fan of processed cheese or canned tuna..give me the fancy cheese parties and single servings packets of tuna, thanks.

So why aren’t millennials buying some of these things? Preferences, health consciousness, and student debt. Just a few reasons I can think of. Is it their fault? Not entirely. Can your business try to better market itself to millennials? Yes, whether that be advertising, social media, technology, price points, or even company values/outreach. Believe me, if you’re going to blame millennials for a decline in sales you’ll definitely be seeing a response on social media ASAP, most likely blaming another generation or your company. So let us help you and your company market towards millennials, because we are millennials…and we get it.


Coffee, Peanuts, and Beer, OH MY!

IHOP isn’t the only brand partnering up with a brewery to get boozy, there are two more that have done the same recently. First, Dunkin’ hopped on the bandwagon and collaborated with Harpoon Brewery, based out of Boston, to create “Dunkin’ Coffee Porter.” Harpoon’s website states, “Beloved Dunkin’ coffee brings robust, roasty notes to this balanced and smooth coffee porter. This porter is our tribute to all the days that Dunkin’ has helped us fire up the brew kettle.” It is said to have a strong coffee flavor and smell like espresso, vanilla, and dark chocolate. If you want to get the office party started, this will be the perfect drink to do just that. Harpoon’s CEO and founder, Dan Kenary thought this duo would be the perfect way to pay tribute to Dunkin’ for really fueling their success.

You might think the second collaboration is a little nutty.. It’s Planter’s! They’ve partnered up with Noon Whistle Brewing Co. located in Lombard, Illinois. Because of the perfect pairing, beer and peanuts, they decided to combine them into one. It’s called “Mr. IPA-Nut” and features a close-up view of Mr. Peanut, monocle and all, on the can. Instead of tasting just like peanuts, there is just a hint of honey-roasted peanuts faint in the background. The hashtag used in the commercial for it was #BeerGoesNuts, which was a smart idea to get a social buzz. After Dunkin’ and Planters, we’ll see who’s going to collaborate with a brewery and become a new blog post next here at Ciconte Consulting!


Junk Food is off the Rails

Not so fast junk food advertisers in London! More specifically, London is banning junk food advertising on public transportation, on behalf of London Mayor Sadiq Khan. I’m pretty sure we wrote about junk food advertising awhile back, but anyways this move is to combat childhood obesity in London. “London has some of the highest child overweight and obesity rates in Europe, according to research by City Hall. An estimated 40 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 11 are overweight.” Not sure of rates everywhere else but it is quite alarming and a move that received 82% approval amongst polled citizens.

What is considered junk food? Foods and nonalcoholic drinks that happen to be high in sugar, fat, and sodium. So soda, burgers, candy…see ya. I could imagine some BIG companies might be upset with this ruling, but ultimately health is wealth especially when looking out for our younger generations.


Shop Small

Happy Small Business Saturday! This day means a lot to the Ciconte Consulting team because we are a small business and frequently assist small businesses with our services. What makes small businesses so unique? The time that goes into getting them up and running. The long hours worked. The vibrance it brings to a community. Stimulating local economy. And these are only naming a few. Brewpoint Coffee in Elmhurst, IL is actually letting other small businesses in some extra space they have to help further the promotion of their businesses. A fine example of how small businesses band together because they’re apart of the same community. So on Small Business Saturday make sure to shop locally and more importantly shop small. We are here for all small businesses, contact us for your marketing/event needs.



‘Tis the season! So what better way to connect with consumers than to highlight your products through Instagram. Instagram is rolling out 3 new features for businesses to hopefully help you make a sale while keeping the process relatively simple. The updates include a new collection tab to save products tagged in stories or in posts; the ability to shop from videos; and a new shop tab on business pages where consumers can visit and see all of the shoppable products the company’s used in a shopping post, per AdWeek. These new features really simplify the process of shopping, but make it much easier for someone to see a product in a video/picture and boom click the link and there it is…BUY!

Currently there’s already a shopping explore tab and shopping via Instagram stories. Instagram announced that more than 90 million users are tapping on companies posts to see what highlighted products there are on a monthly basis. During this busy holiday season let us help you with all of your social media needs, and especially to get the most out of your Instagram.


The Grinch is Ballin’

Erin previously did a post about The Grinch – IHOP marketing campaign and myself 23 And Me, well there’s plenty more of the Grinch going around and apparently the NBA is the next partner. Folks, this is way out there. Videos below: Joel Embiid, Draymond Green, J.R. Smith, and JaVale McGee.

I mean 🤷‍♂️ the Grinch is pretty savage. Seems like their marketing for this movie is all over the place, from kids to adults, from basketball lovers to those who might want to get their DNA tested. Usually you want to hit one specific niche for marketing but alas the movie has grossed over $85mil since being released November 9th. Per The Ringer, here’s a complete list of all of Illumination’s marketing endeavors for The Grinch: with collaborations with the DNA testing company 23andMe, the dog product site BarkBox, Wonderful brand pistachios, China Glaze nail polish, a PUR cosmetics line, Chex Mix, Bloomingdale’s, and the cashback website Ebates; a limited-edition, Grinch-inspired menu at IHOP; a series of cynical billboards localized to several different cities (signs reading “I’m sure you’ll catch the next one” littered the New York City subway, while ones reading “Rent is so cheap here” popped up in San Francisco); and perhaps most confoundingly, two songs by rapper Tyler, the Creator: a contemporary, hip-hop-infused update of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” and an original track, “I Am the Grinch.”

Absolutely incredible how versatile of a marketing campaign they made for an animated movie. So hats off to Illumination because they surely didn’t lack creativity. And yes, I’ll be on my way to see The Grinch.


Consumerism Stampedes

It’s that time of the year again – companies marketing teams are working their tails off to get the word out about their sweet deals or door busters. We don’t think much about behind the scenes work that goes into Black Friday, i.e. that 30 page catalog you received full of deals just for Target. The holiday season is like the Super Bowl for these companies when it comes to sales. Why?

People LOVE deals, gets them in the store, and they won’t hesitate to stampede others just to get their hands on a free coffee maker door buster. I never understood those who camped out prior to stores opening for Black Friday, but to each their own. I prefer shopping done in the comfort of my home, with some hot cocoa, and laptop, and a “Treat Yo Self” attitude. Whether it be online shopping or going to retailers, it’s one of the busiest times of the year for stores. So plan your marketing strategies accordingly or your shopping strategies better yet. Let us help you make the holiday season less stressful on yourself.


The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Just last week we shared a post about IHOP doing Grinch themed menu items, well the marketing hasn’t stopped there. Although I’ve seen some other companies tie in the new animated Grinch movie with their marketing, the one that caught my eye is 23 and Me. In case you don’t already know, 23 and Me is a company that allows you to trace your ancestry or genetics with your saliva. Through this you can see where your ancestors are from/settled or genetic history of your family which can be helpful.

But that’s enough on the informative part of this post. I found it more interesting that they’re utilizing the Grinch to promote their services, which seems odd since the Grinch is aimed towards children for the most part. Scenario in my head, “Mommy, daddy! I want Santa to bring my a 23 and Me kit!” Anyways, here’s a link if you wanted to see more on the results the Grinch received from 23 and Me. So don’t be a Grinch, get a 23 and Me kit?