Tasteful Noods

Kraft pulled a campaign they released earlier this month called “Send Noods.” They took down all of their ads, the promotional website, and their social media posts with this phrase that were posted from Oct. 6 through Oct. 11. It was originally released on Oct. 6 for National Noodle Day. They encouraged people to go to the website, enjoynoods.com, and send their friends and family a free box of Kraft mac and cheese. Over 20,000 people across the country participated in this.

The original commercial starts with, “In these strange times, people are in need of extra comfort. That’s why it’s always a nice gesture to send noods, so they know you’re thinking of them.” She then lifts up a box of Kraft mac and cheese and says, “Noods, I mean, not nudes.”

Although some people thought this was funny and a great tagline, others said that this was wildly inappropriate since Kraft is a family brand. Some people even threatened to take their business to Annie’s mac and cheese. One of my favorite responses was made by a Twitter user and it said, “can’t wait to see who gets overly angry at this for no reason because they have nothing better to do.”

 In the original press release, the brand manager said, “We want to give fans the opportunity to send and share the cheesiest noods with their friends and family.” However, after all of the backlash, Kraft posted an apology on their Instagram story that said, “We sincerely appreciate and hear all of your feedback. This content will be removed from our channels.”


I’ve Got The Golden Ticket

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's golden ticket is up for auction | Films | Entertainment | Express.co.uk

David Klein, the founder of Jelly Belly, is getting ready to retire, and like Willy Wonka, he wants to give away a candy factory. However, it won’t be as cheap as a chocolate bar to find.

To participate in the hunt, you have to pay $49.98 for a riddle and specify what state you will be participating in. Every state has a limit of 1000 participants and some states have already sold out, including Illinois, California, and Florida. “The golden ticket” will be in the form of a necklace that has a code on a tag that needs to be verified. Winners of this will receive $5000. Klein said he wanted to have this competition to have fun and to bring excitement into a world that is so troubled.

All participants will be eligible to join The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, for one of Klein’s candy factories. The ultimate winner will receive the key to the candy factory, an all-expenses paid trip to a candy-making course at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Klein will also become the winner’s mentor and said he will be available to them 24/7.

Sadly, the factory that is being given away will not be the official Jelly Belly Candy Company. In a statement, Klein said “Due to confusion in the marketplace, Jelly Belly Candy Company would like to take this opportunity to clear up the misconception that it is involved with a contest that purportedly offers a candy factory as its grand prize, Jelly Belly Candy Company, formerly known as Herman Goelitz Candy Company, has candy making roots back to 1869. It was founded by brothers Gustav and Albert Goelitz and remains family owned and operated today.” The factory that is up for grabs is Klein’s Candyman Kitchens in Florida.


Watch Out Wendy’s

Spicy chicken nuggels

McDonald’s announced on August 25th the introduction of spicy nugs! Yes, you read that right: SPICY CHICKEN MCNUGGETS. They will be available nationwide for a limited time starting on September 16th.

After Wendy’s controversially removed spicy nuggets from their menu in March 2017, fans begged and pleaded for them to be brought back. It took two and a half years and a viral Tweet from Chance The Rapper, but they were brought back to the menu in August 2019.

In a press release, McDonald’s said, “Breaded with a sizzling tempura coating made of both cayenne and chili peppers, these craveable, dippable and downright-delicious Spicy Chicken McNuggets are joining our classic McNugget line up, and pack plenty of spice and flavor into each.”

In addition to the spicy nugs, McDonald’s also introduced a new dipping sauce for the first time in three years: Mighty Hot Sauce. In that same press release, they said, “For those who care to dial up the heat, we’ve crafted our new Mighty Hot Sauce, boasting a powerful blend of crushed red peppers and spicy chilis. The new dipping sauce is both our first new sauce innovation since 2017 and the hottest one available at McDonald’s. Trust us – you’re going to want to take a dip.”


It Took A Pandemic

Coca-Cola is doing something that they haven’t done in North America in 37 years: selling liquor. They’re planning on selling a hard seltzer under their brand Topo Chico.

If you have read any of my other posts or been to a liquor store lately, you would know how much hard seltzers have taken over the market, in fact they have brought in over 3 billion dollars since July 2019, which is up 241 percent since last year.

The Topo Chico hard seltzer will first be released later this year in Latin America and make its way to the U.S. by 2021. They haven’t released a ton of details about it except that it will launch with a tangy lemon lime expression.

According to a statement, “Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is an experimental drink inspired by Topo Chico sparkling mineral water, which has been popular with many mixologists.”

Last year Coca-Cola released a lemon flavored cocktail in a can in Japan. It comes in 3 different varieties of 3 percent, 5 percent, and 7 percent abv.

– EC

Music Makes The World Go Round

At times like these, lots of people resort to music or video games to take their mind off the stress of everyday life. Combining music and video games, Travis Scott and Fortnite collaborated and broke the record of Fortnite players on at once – over 12.3 million.

Travis Scott, an American rapper most known for his songs like Goosebumps, Sicko Mode, and Antidote, performed a virtual concert on Fortnite on Thursday, April 23. The performance was nothing like I have ever seen before. The performance began with a ginormous figure of Scott in front of a stage, at least 10x bigger than any other player. The players were doing things like headbanging and moshing during the performance. The graphics were insane, bright colors filled my screen and backdrops changed right before my eyes. It was a very captivating performance.


Comments on his event included users saying that it was the best part of their day and that Scott is the GOAT, greatest of all time. One user even commented that this performance made his quarantine so much better.


The Moldy Truth

(Image – Burger King)

The campaign that is breaking marketers brain…is it smart? Will it actually assist in selling the whopper because of the transparency? Well what Burger King is getting across to consumers is that they’re officially removing artificial preservatives from the Whopper. For example here’s a McDonald’s burger after 2 years passing, read more here:

Burger King is all in on this campaign though, outside of print ads in both the U.S. and U.K., they’ve put a 28 day time lapse of the decaying burger all over their social media channels. They’re committed to removing all artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors from their items by the end of 2020. It may a disgusting campaign but at least they’re being transparent with their food products and have high hopes for 2020. And ode to the Whopper! Let’s us know if you need any revolutionary marketing assistance!


New Year, New Hard Seltzer

That’s how the saying goes, right? If you’re taking part in Dry January, you’re going to miss out on the release of Bud Light Seltzer.

While I was watching the Titans-Patriots game on Saturday night, I saw a commercial announcing the release date of the Bud Light Seltzer, which is January 13th. They’ll be sold in 12 packs as well as individual tallboys.
Their flavors include black cherry and mango, which are similar to White Claws. The two other flavors are lemon lime and strawberry.

If your New Year’s resolution was to stay in shape, don’t worry. One serving has only 100 calories and 2 carbs. In regards to the taste, Bud Light said, “Bud Light Seltzer’s unique 5-step filtration process ensures a clean finish, with no lingering aftertaste. Our natural carbonation and quality ingredients like sparkling water, real cane sugar, and natural fruit flavor create a light and bubbly seltzer for any occasion.”


You Can’t Spell Shelf Without Elf

Tis’ the season! And guess what, IHOP is back with another fun, festive menu. Yep, an Elf on a Shelf inspired menu. This promotional menu is currently running from right now until January 1st 2020, but what exactly does the menu entail? Here’s a summary of the menu items from USA Today:

  • Jolly Cakes: Four green pancakes topped with sweet cream cheese icing, whipped topping and shimmery elf sprinkles that resemble elf-sized ornaments. Also available as a side.
  • Oh What Funnel Cakes: Two funnel cakes, lightly dusted with powdered sugar and topped with glazed strawberries, whipped topping and elf sprinkles.
  • Holiday Ham & Sausage Omelet: An omelet loaded with diced ham, sausage, fire roasted peppers, onions, hash browns and cheese, then topped with more ham, sausage, cheddar cheese and cheese sauce. Served with three pancakes or a choice of side.
  • Merry Marshmallow Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate flavored with toasted marshmallow syrup and topped with whipped topping and elf sprinkles.
  • Little Elves Combo: Choice of one Jolly Cake topped with cream cheese icing, whipped topping and sprinkles or one Oh What Funnel Cake topped with powdered sugar, whipped topping and sprinkles with one scrambled egg, one bacon strip and one pork sausage link.

Yum, yum, and more yum. Sign me up for the Jolly Cakes with an order of Oh What Funnel Cakes as well, because my diet has been naughty. Outside of the menu items, kids 12 and under also eat free every day from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. with each adult entrée purchase. That’s pretty awesome, just pay for your entrée and your kiddo eats free! Take advantage of this fun promotional menu, and maybe get yourself some elves for your shelves!



Score one for the NWSL, some marketing news broke that Octagon is going to handle all things marketing, sales, etc. Octagon who?? Octagon is a behemoth when it comes to sports marketing. Who are some of the athletes under the Octagon umbrella? Ben Zobrist, Felix Hernandez, Steph Curry, The Greek Freak, Simone Biles, and Vladimir Tarasenko to name a few. That’s quite the portfolio, and with all the success of the USWNT stars that also play in the NWSL this should send the league into the stratosphere.

The talent is there, now it’s time to better market it and get exposure for the league across the nation. Sometimes that’s all it takes is some proper marketing to grow your audience. It can be a soccer league, or it could be your small business. If this is what your small business needs, then reach out to us and we can help!

Make Em Say Uhhhhh

Image result for master p restaurant

Na Na Na Na. Be like Percy Miller, aka Master P and make sure you diversify that portfolio. What investment has he made? Albeit Big Poppa Burgers in New Orleans, LA. Whether it’s music, food, or clothes, Master P does entrepreneurship right. And speaking of Big Poppa, it’s something that he wants to grow into a franchise opportunity so he could provide not only delicious food for others but also jobs. Not only are his burgers touted as great, but don’t sleep on the chicken sandwiches…especially when some other company is out of them.

Master P, and other rappers know how to do the whole entrepreneur thing right. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, i.e. music (although that works for some), but diversify yourself as a person. Provide goods or services for your fans. You want to have a sustained stream of income even past your rap/singing prime. Remember, if you are going to venture into the world of being a restaurateur, just make sure your customers say, yummmm na na na na.