All I Want For Christmas Is A Bud Light Seltzer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Bud Light brought us the summer and winter crossover we didn’t know we needed: ugly sweater hard seltzers. Yes, you heard that right, Bud Light has a Christmas variety pack for a limited time only. The flavors in the variety pack include apple crisp, ginger snap, cranberry, and drumroll please…

PEPPERMINT PATTIE. The basicness is radiating off of that flavor combined with a hard seltzer, but personally I can’t wait to try it.

Now you might be wondering what these will taste like. The apple crisp flavor is made with the flavors of fresh apple pie, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Peppermint pattie is a mixture of peppermint and dark chocolate. Ginger snap is a mix of ginger spice, brown sugar, and vanilla. They’re all 100 calories, but calories don’t count around the holidays.

These will hit the shelves November 2 and will be in 12-can variety packs. All of the flavors in it are new, except for their classic cranberry. They now have 10 different flavors of hard seltzers all together. It’ll be interesting to see how other hard seltzers react to this.