Advertising of the Future

What does this image even entail? HOW ABOUT ADVERTISING IN LOW-EARTH ORBIT 😱?! Say what. Yes, you read that correctly. A Russian startup called StartRocket has proposed an idea to have “billboards” orbiting low-earth. Here’s a video of what it would look like. Now the numbers behind it? Tiny cubesats orbiting at a low-Earth altitude of 400-500 kilometres (248-310 miles), according to the startup’s website, these satellites would each bear a collapsible sail that is capable of reflecting the light of the Sun to form a single pixel. would have an area of 50 square kilometres (19 square miles). This Orbital Display, as it is being called, could then be programmed to display logos to people around the globe, for 6-minute intervals, around 3 or 4 times a day, dawn & dusk (Science Alert).

Holy absurd!! But imagine how quick advertising companies would jump on something like this if it was approved, an ad covering 19 square miles. A crazy idea nonetheless, that has eyebrows raised on the business side and environmental side. But who knows, this might be something that comes to fruition in the next 50+ years? 🤔